(6) Excellent New And Potiental Breakthrough Articles on Prostate Cancer !

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Here are (6 ) excellent articles worth reading about prostate cancer new and potential breakthroughs.   Article #2 speaks of a non toxic, all natural health store product called: genistein-combined polysaccharide will lengthen the life of refactory PCa men!   Article #3 deals with researchers identifying novel mutations in the so-called “S-Pop” gene!   Article #5 deals with development of a small molecule that inhibits STAT3, a protein that causes cancer.

1)  A Huge Breakthrough in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer?

“A study has found that focal HIFU, high-intensity focused ultrasound, provides the ‘perfect’ outcome of no major side effects and free of cancer 12 months after treatment, in nine out of ten cases”.

Full Story

2)  GCP Therapy May Extend Life Expectancy Of Prostate Cancer Patients With Low Response To Androgen-Deprivation Therapy

Article Date: 24 Feb 2013

“A natural, nontoxic product called genistein-combined polysaccharide, or GCP, which is commercially available in health stores, could help lengthen the life expectancy of certain prostate cancer patients, UC Davis researchers have found.
Men with prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, known as metastatic cancer, and who have had their testosterone lowered with drug therapy are most likely to benefit”.

Full Story 2

3)  Scientists find new type of prostate cancer – discovery may lead to tailored treatments 

“Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute made the find,  Scientists in New York and Boston have discovered a new type of prostate cancer that afflicts 15% of patients with the disease — and it could help doctors tailor treatments.  The researchers identified novel mutations in the so-called “S-Pop” gene and suspect they lead to a dangerous accumulation of proteins that drive tumor growth”.
4)  Scientific Breakthroughs Led to Better Prostate Cancer Diagnosis 
January 24th, 2013
“According to Cancer Research UK, a cancer research and awareness charity in the United Kingdom, it is only a matter of years before the number of reported prostate cancer cases trebles.   More precisely, the specialists working with this organization believe that, courtesy of several scientific breakthroughs and of men’s getting to live to an older age, the boys born in the year 2015 will be three times more likely than their forefathers to be diagnosed with this medical condition”.
5)  Design Of Small Molecule To Disrupt Cancer-Causing Protein Will Likely Impact Breast, Lung, Prostate Cancer
Article Date: 27 Mar 2013
‘Researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center and colleagues at the University of South Florida have developed a small molecule that inhibits STAT3, a protein that causes cancer. This development could impact the treatment of several tumor types, including breast, lung, prostate and others that depend on STAT3 for survival”.
6)  Cod-Derived Agent Shows Potential As Dietary Therapy To Complement Standard Treatments For Prostate Cancer
Article Date: 22 Mar 2013
“Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have identified a peptide, or protein, derived from Pacific cod that may inhibit prostate cancer and possibly other cancers from spreading, according to preclinical research published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).   The use of natural dietary products with anti-tumor activity is an important and emerging field of research,” says senior author Hafiz Ahmed, Ph.D., assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and scientist at the Institute for Marine and Environmental Technology”.
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