What’s new in prostate cancer research and treatment?

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Excellent information from “The American Cancer Society” pertaining to prostate cancer research and treatment.  Research into the causes, prevention, detection, and treatment of prostate is going on in many medical centers throughout the world.

A must read on Genetics:

“New research on genes linked to prostate cancer is helping scientists better understand how prostate cancer develops. This research will help provide answers about the genetic changes that lead to prostate cancer. This could make it possible to design medicines to target those changes. Tests to find abnormal prostate cancer genes could also help identify men at high risk who would benefit from more intensive screening or from chemoprevention trials, which use drugs to try to keep them from getting cancer.

Most of the genes that have been studied so far are from chromosomes that are inherited from both parents. Some research has found that a certain variant of mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited only from a person’s mother, might double or even triple a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer.

One of the biggest problems now facing men with prostate cancer and their doctors is figuring out which cancers are likely to stay within the gland and which are more likely to grow and spread (and definitely need treatment). New discoveries may help with this some time in the near future. For example, the product of a gene known as EZH2 seems to appear more often in advanced prostate cancers than in those at an early stage. Researchers are now trying to decide whether the presence of this gene product, or others, indicates that a cancer is more aggressive. This could eventually help tell which men need treatment and which might be better served by active surveillance”.

Other topics on “What’s New”:   Prevention,  Early detection,  Diagnosis,  Staging,  Treatment,  Surgery,  Radiation therapy,  Newer treatments for early stage cancers,  Nutrition and lifestyle changes,  Hormone therapy,  Chemotherapy,  Prostate cancer vaccines,  Angiogenesis inhibitors and Preventing or treating spread of cancer to the bones.

American Cancer Society Full Article

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