Aggressive Prostate Cancer Tumors Share The Same Genetic Origins

Hi Guys,

A very interesting article worth reading dealing with a new form of genomic analysis, researchers at Mayo Clinic have identified that some of the more aggressive prostate cancer tumors share the same genetic origins, lending more insight into the development of prostate cancer.

Article Date: 27 May 2013

“This is the first study to examine DNA alterations using next generation sequencing in adjacent Gleason patterns in the same tumor allowing us to correlate genomics with changes in pathology.  The team used laser capture micro dissection, whole genome amplification and next generation sequencing to find the relationships among the Gleason patterns of each tumor. A total of 14 tumors were studied, where they found over 3,000 unique chromosomal alterations; 300 of the alterations were shared in at least two of the tumors.

Full Story A

Every person has 1000 wishes, a cancer patient only one: to get better.

Craig Becker

The New Denver Men’s Club

 University Prostate Cancer Support Group, Inc.
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