Doctor drawing experimental cancer drugs to Las Vegas

Hi Guys,

Radium 223 has just been release by the FDA for PCa.  Personally I just finished my last infusion this month in Las Vegas.  I found out that my bone mets received much relief once completing this wonder drug!  The “Las Vegas Review-Journal”  Just released an article on the new breakthrough drug Radium 223 and I participated in the taping of the article, check it out:


“Hard work by researchers around the world is paying off more frequently today, Vogelzang noted recently as another of his patients, Craig Becker, prepared to receive the new drug at the Comprehensive Cancer offices off Eastern Avenue”.

“We’re getting more and more tools to use,” the former head of the University of Chicago Cancer Research Center said.  Full Story /A

Life is the death sentence, not the disease !

Note:  I’m not a doctor but a PCa patient like yourselves.  We at “The New Denver Men’s Club” feel the strong need to offer you the one thing we need the most, “HOPE”!  

Craig Becker

The New Denver Men’s Club

 University Prostate Cancer Support Group, Inc.
Group Leader



One thought on “Doctor drawing experimental cancer drugs to Las Vegas

  1. So glad to hear that it worked for you. I can’t imagine the pain with bone mets. Mine are in my lungs and painless.

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