Finally, PCa Exposure + Genetic Mutation Identified in Castration-Resistant PCa!

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Finally PCa awareness got the exposure we needed.  No pink ribbons, no football players in pink shoe laces,  just the facts on “No shave November”!  Recently the “Today Show” ran an excellent segment on PCa screening using Matt & Al going through all the testing we know too well. Check out the 8 minute U-Tube video. Full Story: Today Show Segment on PCa awarness

Here’s their breakdown  on PCa statistics: 1)  238,000 new cases diagnosed/year,  2)  29,000. men die each year of PCa, (same amount as Breast Cancer),  3)  2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in men,  4)  67 Average age of man contracting PCa,  5)  1 in 6 men will contract PCa in life time,  6)  African men 60% greater chance to contract PCa,  7)  Get a PCa base line at age 40.

Genetic mutation identified in castration-resistant prostate cancer

Researchers have identified a mutation in the androgen-synthesizing enzyme 3(beta)-HSD1 in castration-resistant prostate cancer, which allows the tumor to create its own supply of androgens.  Breakthrough research from Nima Sharifi, MD, Kendrick family chair for prostate cancer research at Cleveland Clinic states “This is the first mutation discovered that is responsible for increasing DHT synthesis to drive castration-resistant prostate cancer, and it may lead to the development of both biomarkers for detection of this mutation in clinical tumors, as well as the clinical development of pharmacologic inhibitors against this enzyme”.                                                       New Findings in genetic mutation

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