A Wonderful Epic Experience!

Hi Guys,

You can read all my posts at the blog site by clicking here .  Last week I attended a week long cancer camp called “Epic Experience” at Sweetwater, Colorado.  So much fun and recreation was had by all.   Nancy Ferro and her son Colin offered us horseback riding, kayaking, rafting, swimming, fun games and much more activities for the week in a breath taking scene high up in the Colorado mountains. 

The menu for the week was building our Confidence and growing our Hope!  I am sure all of us went away with much more personal confidence and hope to fight our cancer.  We kayaked 45 miles of the Colorado river and challenged ourselves to set our goals high with renewed hope.  You can contact Nancy, (www.epicexperience.org) if you want to participate in such a moving and fun experience.  Dealing with our cancer is a hard thing to do.  People like Nancy, Colin and all of their volunteers made a difference in our lives while teaching us we can make it through our cancer and beat this disease.  Our new found hope inspired us to “MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT”!   (Personally I think God made people like the Epic Experience group as our angels on earth)!

Cancer is or Tragedy, not our Destiny!

Craig Becker

The New Denver Men’s Club

Blog: https://newdenvermensclub.wordpress.com/

“Men Fighting Cancer To Win”


3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Epic Experience!

  1. Great post Craig. Nancy and her efforts with the “EPIC Experience” have touched many lives. I have enjoyed being the volunteer doc there and plan to do so again this year. Nothing like tipping over in a kayak to make you enjoy every day as though it might be your last!!

    • Our white water kayak experience was done in the largest rapids and water level since 1984! Wow….. yes we did bond together, (sometimes upside down) as well as gave us great confidence. I recommend this adventure to all cancer survivors.

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