Cancer breakthrough: Probiotics may save patients from deadly chemotherapy; antibiotics may cause chemo to be fatal!


Hi Guys,

This blog is very special to me.  I’m currently on a Taxotere (chemo) regiment and currently taking probiotics to maintain the flora (good bacteria) in my digestive track.  Chemo therapy is the last line of defense for advanced PCa patients.   All tumors from different tissues and organs can be killed by high doses of chemotherapy and radiation, but the current challenge for treating the later-staged metastasized cancer is that you often actually kill the [patient] before you kill the tumor.

Breakthrough new science conducted at the University of Michigan is about to be published in the journal Nature reveals that intestinal health is the key to surviving chemotherapy.

Lets look at the facts:

1.  Many deaths occur while on chemo and attributed to the chemo. (I know as I went septic while on Taxotere and spent approximately 2 months in the hospital and 9 days in a coma).

2.  Chemotherapy is deadly. It is the No. 1 cause of death for cancer patients in America, and the No. 1 side effect of chemo is more cancer.

3.  Why you need probiotics; The substance is called “Rspo1″ or “R-spondon1.” It activates stem cell production within your own intestinal walls, and these stem cells are like super tissue regeneration machines that rebuild damaged tissues faster than the chemotherapy can destroy them, thereby allowing the patient to survive an otherwise deadly does of chemo poison.

4.  Approximately 75% of your immune system is regulated by the “Good Bacteria” (Flora) in your intestine.   Once attacked and killed by chemo, bad bacteria is allowed to grow thus causing a fever and a possible trip to the hospital, (I know this is true as I had a fever 3 out of 3 times on chemo and ended up in the hospital 3 out of 3 times).

5.  Probiotics are likely the key to generating your own R-spondon1.


6.  Probiotics are a key determining factor in the ability of your intestines to maintain the appropriate gene expression for the very kind of rapid cellular regeneration that can help your body survive a fatal dose of chemotherapy.

7.   If your gut bacteria are out of whack, so to speak, the gene expression of your epithelial cells will be suppressed, thereby slowing or halting the regenerative potential of your intestinal cells. This is why people who have imbalanced intestinal flora also suffer from inflammatory intestinal conditions such as Crohn’s, IBS and so on.

8.  This article seems to indicate that the kind of gut bacteria “wipeout” caused by antibiotics could prove fatal to a chemotherapy patient.

This article goes on to express  that many cancer patients are simultaneously prescribed antibiotics as they undergo chemotherapy. This could be a death sentence in disguise. While neither the antibiotics nor the chemo directly kill the patient, the combination of sterilized gut bacteria and highly-toxic chemotherapy drugs could multiply the toxicity and prove fatal. The death certificate, however, will say the patient died from “cancer,” not from the chemotherapy which is usually the actual cause of death.

My personal opinion is the Oncologists and Urologists need to prescribe probiotics to all chemo patients before taking on such a poisonous drug called “Chemo”!

Full Story: Probiotics Save Cancer Patients from Deadly Chemo

“We are the champions my friend and we will keep on fighting until the end! (Queen)

Craig Becker

The New Denver Men’s Club

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5 thoughts on “Cancer breakthrough: Probiotics may save patients from deadly chemotherapy; antibiotics may cause chemo to be fatal!

  1. Craig,Thanks for the new post,There is a very good chance I will be starting chemo in January, I will know after the scans that I put off til after the Holidays, Where does one get these probiotics Rspo1″ or “R-spondon1. Do You use the elastogel ice mits or just ice your fingers?WE had some serious snow and cold weather , but today is warmer and snow is gone.Dan

  2. Hello Craig!

    Thank you for the newsletter! It comes at an interesting time… as my mother has just been diagnosed with Stage IV Anal Cancer with a sacral mass and a spots on her lung! She is 79 years old and the Medical Oncologist prescribed Chemo and Radiation treatment (palliative) which is scheduled to start this FRIDAY!! My mother wants to move forward with treatment as she believes it will alleviate pain from the Sacral Mass she has. My siblings and myself are worried the will treatment will be very-very hard on her and we are all struggling with the decision she has made to have chemo. What type of probiotic is preferred??

    I hope you had a good holiday and I look forward to talking with you soon!

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  3. Dan, Probiotics are very important to take before, during and after chemo. This can be purchased at GNC “Lactobacillus Acidophilus Blend 5 mg. (which contains 1 billion active Lactobacillus). I also purchased it at Safeway,(King Soopers possible too) labeled as “Chewable Probiotics Acidophilus”.
    Hope this helps!

  4. Craig,
    Sorry to hear you are having so much difficulty. Your post is of interest. Probiotics have been hovering in the background for a long time but the science has been weak. Hopefully the Michigan people have good enough data to get an article published in Nature.

    My wife uses them for inflammatory bowel disease. We found the probiotics sold at Costco to have a bigger variety of bacterial strains than just the acidophilus ones at places like King Soopers and the Kaiser pharmacies.

    Hope your chemo works. Keep on reading and publishing. You are an inspiration.

    • Thanks for your words of inspiration. I feel the medical community has missed the boat on not encouraging the use of probiotics. It just makes sense! This time taking Taxotere I can tell the difference by using probiotics. No stomach pain, better stools and most of all no on set of a fever, (yet)? I forgot to mention in my blog the importance of monitoring ones white and red blood cells to keep healthy during chemo. Hope all is well with you!

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