“60 minutes” Cancer Follow up- Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong’s Biotech Company, NantHealth!



Hi Guys,

Yesterday I spoke to NantHealth about the start date when will we be able to have our tumors analyzed at the molecular level?  Their answer was “end of February or 1st of March”.  They state they will be able to offer the most advanced technology in molecular medicine, offering both genomic analysis (the study of DNA and RNA) and proteomics (the study of proteins produced by genes).   Note that Providence is teaming up with the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute of Molecular Medicine and NantHealth.  Phone #’s= 1-844-696-6427, (1-844-myomics).  General Info.= 1-855-whynant).

NantHealth points out that for the last fifty years, cancer care has followed the dogma of developing chemical poisons (cytotoxics) delivered at the maximum tolerated dose to patients afflicted with this disease. It is not surprising that little progress has been made as the treatment protocols and results with these indiscriminate chemical poisons have largely been trial and error.


“NantOmics and assets from NantHealth, Soon-Shiong hopes to rapidly advance development of new combination therapies against cancer. And his network reaches some 8,000 oncologists.   Soon-Shiong maintains a strong interest advancing digital medicine and next-generation therapies. Early this year he came out with details about his cancer drug developer NantOmics. In July, Blackstone Group scooped up a $125 million stake in his related venture NantPharma, a maker and researcher of biologically derived drugs. And he has made either purchases or investments in diagnostics, digital medicine and other healthcare assets since he unveiled NantWorks in 2011″.

Full Story About: Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

“Cancer is not a disease – it’s the symptom of a process.  Once you understand the process, it can be reversed”.


Craig Becker

The New Denver Men’s Club

Blog: https://newdenvermensclub.wordpress.com/ “Men Fighting Cancer To Win”

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 Here is their flow chart of personalized targeting of the cancer:





3 thoughts on ““60 minutes” Cancer Follow up- Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong’s Biotech Company, NantHealth!

  1. Craig, Nice post. It is great of you to share this with others. I assume you saw Mike Glode’s comments about the 60 Minutes story. Not as optimistic but I am glad to hear you are pursuing it. Hope it will help you in your quest to control the PCA.

    • Bob, I was very impressed with Dr. Glode’s coverage of the 60 minutes segment on Dr. Patrick. He explained it so well in “non doctor” verbiage. Very inspiring segment and it’s about time someone spends the $$ to bring us along so much farther and faster to not only find the mutating cancer genes but also developing drugs to target the CTC’s. When I contacted them I got my own reference # as well as they took my email address to inform me just when the tests will be available.

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