Rarely used words,” Curing Cancer” from M.D. Anderson TX, Mayo Clinic MN and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

Hi Guys,

This is a must see video from the HBO series Vice called “Killing Cancer”!  Currently doctors from around the world are harnessing the power of potentially deadly viruses as a treatment for different types of cancers.  They state their ground breaking treatments might lead to “CURING CANCER”.  With 300 different cancers and 5 different leukemia’s, they feel they can make a difference in most of them.  They go on to state they feel by 2016 this form of treatment will be released to the world!

This type of research originated in  “The Center for Innovative Cancer Research”, Ottawa Canada by using the Multiple Myeloma virus.  Now, M.D. Anderson TX using the common cold virus, Mayo Clinic MN using the Measles virus,  and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia using the HIV virus.  They state the viruses used are dead with no chance of contracting the disease.  In the 2008 crash of the stock market funding was lost for these programs.  It’s time for men to push for this to get funded NOW.

Full Video: Killing Cancer!

ps.  I am not sure how many more Blogs I will be doing as my PSA has skyrocketed.  Over the last 10 years I have fought the good fight by doing all of the PCa treatments available to us.  I have used emails and 37 different new and potential breakthrough articles  through my Word Press blog.  Please go to the bottom of my blog page to review all of my 37 past blogs.

My finest feelings are paying it forward and making a difference in our world!

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Craig Becker

The New Denver Men’s Club

Blog: https://newdenvermensclub.wordpress.com/ “Men Fighting Cancer To Win”



2 thoughts on “Rarely used words,” Curing Cancer” from M.D. Anderson TX, Mayo Clinic MN and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

  1. Craig, So sorry to hear that your PSA is rising again. Will keep you in our thoughts and hope that there is another magic bullet out there. You have done a great job with information sharing.

  2. Thanks for you kind words as always Bob. Keeping up the good fight and never quitting is want life is all about. We are all fighters when we need to be. I have a lot of fight left in me after 10 years of fighting!

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